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We are year 5/6 bloggers taking all the elements of the school, telling you all the information for you and your child/ren.


As one of the most loved seasons has come to our door and we all know you would love to party , we have exciting information for you all .Thursday 8th February ! Grab your friends and party  till 7pm to 8pm

As some of you may have noticed and might be confused of why the coffee cabin has closed down. It’s not just coffee cabin that’s changing, it is also the library. From now on, the coffee cabin is now being the temporary library for the year. At the moment it is only holding fiction books. In the old library Mrs Harding is teaching English there. Finally it also only holds non-fiction books.

In year 5/6, the P.E days are changing. The whole of year 5/6 P.E day will stay as Friday. Although, the individual class day is now Tuesdays. The reason this is changing is because of swimming lessons are starting this week. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Spotlight on staff

What’s your favourite book?
Lord of the rings series

What’s  your favourite movie?
The secret life of Walter Mitty

who’s your favourite child hood hero?

My wonderful dad.

What was your childhood dream job?

Marine Biologist.

Whats your favourite thing to do in your free time?

To spend it with my husband and children.

Who’s  your favourite child in the school?

Mr Luttman close up to Mr Borg and Mr Whapham.